You can use "switch mode" function with CRTL+F. All you need to do is buy and use "Switch Scroll" at Lorencia bar shop.
Update Add Stats on website.
Fixed level requirement for "Gates" (changed to 300lvl) - needs launcher update.
Added Cold Marriage to Ruud shop.
Changed ML Seals exp 10x > 20x.
Fixed Level Req. for 3rd RW wings + 2,5 wings.
Changed Level Req. For BC/DS +7. (not changed in client yet)
Boosted EXP Reward in BC/DS +7, +6.
Buffed HP God of Darkness, fixed poison resists.
Added poison resist to all monsters from DD+1 and above.
Some updates needs launcher update.
More updates coming up later today.
Updated Drop:
Nix - added to drop Arca's Prophecy, Antonia's Sword and Kundun's Seal Scroll.
Acheron Guardian(Cursed Tower drop) - Changed drop to Runedil's Goldentune Harp, Lemuria's Orb, Norrwen's Bloodstring Lyra.
Updated Ruud Shop (need download update on launcher).
Updated some visual stuffs in game like ruud view,event entry level,time, ruud image to ruudshop etc...

Published by Kshanda, February 1, 2020

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